A message from lousy little gods

Hey guys and gals! Can you believe this shit? Unfortunately we've had to cancel our upcoming shows and you all know why, We will keep you updated as to when we will be back on stage.

We had the bright idea of broadcasting a live feed from Pinball Studio, but the shelter in place order is keeping us from getting together. We have some great new video equipment and as soon as it's a little safer we will be streaming some live music and tomfoolery!

On a more personal and serious note; Our hearts go out to everyone, we know this is an extremely difficult time for you and your families, we understand how hard this is on us all, no one is going untouched by this and we just want all of you to know we are sending the best vibes we can muster for everyones safety and well being.

Keep your distance, scrub up, and try and be patient with people because everyone is dealing with this their own way, and we can try to make patience, kindness, and love as contagious as this damn virus.

Peace and Love 

Randy, Ken, and Darren

lousy little gods