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Lousy little gods

Our Live at House of Blues Record was recorded in Anaheim California in the Spring and Summer of 2024

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About our new single “I Don't Know When”: 

I Don’t Know When. Great lyrics….”If you want a cake then bake it”… Like every Davis song, it cuts to the chase right off the bat. Real good mix between the rhythms guitar and pedal steel. Was that a Tele with both pickups on? Good twangy cluck staccato guitar on last verse going into the bridge that really changes the whole song as it slowly melts back into a chorus like dripping chocolate on the dashboard of a car. Shit man that new aortic valve worked itself all the way into the heart of your music too!!!!! And I’m not making a joke. Love you man. Thanks for making my day.

Dale Didde - Kansas City Guitarist, played with Bonnie Raitt, Bill Lynch, Mike Finnagin


About our new single Stronger Than Beer: "Woah! What a fabulous track! Now that has the blues, you know how much I love your music, guys!"

Jess T Country Radio DJ - CountryRadio.UK

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