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lousy little gods prepare to release Rain with special guest Johnny Stachela 

Tracking is almost complete for "Rain" to be released on all digital platforms this fall. The boys would like to send a special thanks to Johnny Stachela  of The Allman Betts Band for his outstanding contribution of slide guitar for this track.  We are hoping to beat the clock and have it available worldwide before the airing of our episode on the show Musicology on PBS and NPR sometime in early November.

We will be gigging again soon too!! stay tuned!!


No sooner are we back...we are benched again 

Hey Gang!,

Our July shows are cancelled again, due to this damn pandemic. We are trying to come up with some live stream venues, and are back working on recording our music for release on all digital platforms. Stay tuned for developments!

We're Baaack! 

Hey Gang! We are excited to announce that we are booked for shows in July and August and will be adding more!

We are also hard at work on our EP Release to all digital platforms, and have some amazing special guests helping out!

On slide guitar we have one the best players we've seen in years Johnny Stachela from The Allman Betts Band is helping us out and laying down some amazing tracks!

On fiddle we welcome Shelah Spiegel!  Shelah is an award winning fiddle player and not only will she be featured on our record, she will also be joining us on stage for selected shows, She has already played with us at The Coach House, House of Blues, and The Boathouse Collective. We are stoked to have her!

Check out Upcoming Shows tab for more dates!


A message from lousy little gods 

Hey guys and gals! Can you believe this shit? Unfortunately we've had to cancel our upcoming shows and you all know why, We will keep you updated as to when we will be back on stage.

We had the bright idea of broadcasting a live feed from Pinball Studio, but the shelter in place order is keeping us from getting together. We have some great new video equipment and as soon as it's a little safer we will be streaming some live music and tomfoolery!

On a more personal and serious note; Our hearts go out to everyone, we know this is an extremely difficult time for you and your families, we understand how hard this is on us all, no one is going untouched by this and we just want all of you to know we are sending the best vibes we can muster for everyones safety and well being.

Keep your distance, scrub up, and try and be patient with people because everyone is dealing with this their own way, and we can try to make patience, kindness, and love as contagious as this damn virus.

Peace and Love 

Randy, Ken, and Darren

lousy little gods

Tracking is complete! Now off to Nashville for Mixing and Mastering! 

The Boys just finished tracking "Rain" and "Livin for the Fun" and now the rough mixes are being sent to Nashville TN for Scott Oliver former guitarist with Charlemagne (llg drummers Ken's former band) and the creator of Black Tie Studio Monitors for the final mix down and mastering.

Look for these 2 songs to HIT itunes in the near future!!

NAMM 2020 


The band is roaming the corridors of the Anaheim Convention Center for NAMM 2020! If you are at NAMM look for them! Paying homage to our favorite gear suppliers and drooling over all the new products, and even some people watching NAMM is always a blast!

Coach House was a blast! 

The Coach House was on our immediate bucket list when we started this adventure a couple years ago! we had a blast and can't wait to get back on that stage. The sound was great! Our support was great! (Thanks to everyone who showed up) We got to introduce our new Fiddling little sister Shelah Spiegel, Shelah is an amazing talent and will be featured on our upcoming EP release.

Look for us on the calendar!

Welcome to the Roaring Twenties! 

lousy little gods are gaining momentum as we blast into the roaring twenties! Look for us on PBS television series "Musicology" in the Spring! Plus we are playing some great venues like the Boathouse Collective in Costa Mesa, The House of Blues Anaheim, The Coach House in SJC, and more!! Although we are still a 3 piece band we have added some spice to the lineup with some guest musicians to add to the stage show as well as our upcoming EP!

Stay tuned for some fun stuff!!


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